Miranda Kerr How To

In this new Miranda Kerr photo for H&M, Miranda sports a soft but stunning hair style that is sure to turn heads. I always like to style hair in this manner, as always my philosophy is "less is more". For this particular look there is an easy way to achieve it. Start with a light volumizing product for fine hair, or a smoothing serum if you have thicker hair. Hand dry your hair upside down until it is 80% dry, or for a more accurate description, until you feel the roots of your hair are almost completely dry  and the ends are still damp. Flip your head right side up and begin wrapping ends of hair around a natural bristle brush. Don't use too much tension, as straightening the hair is not a priority. The idea is to hold medium to large sections wrapped around your brush with the heat concentrated on the end so that the hair takes the shape of your brush. Use a nozzle, if you don't have one, invest in one! The trick here is to remove the brush slowly after taking the heat away from your brush. If your brush is pulled out too quickly, your curl will loosen to the point that it will no longer be existent. Hot hair falls, so if you really want staying power, give it a shot of cold air before pulling your brush out. Run your fingers through it, follow up with a very small amount of serum or hair spray, and hopefully you will have similar hair to this:

Miranda Kerr h&m.jpg
Source: http://www.vogue.it/en/shows/oddities/2014...